CAC 102-Edit-2Karl Schneider’s art career started while he was just a child. Growing up in the 1980’s, he spent the summers at a camp on the East Coast where his mother worked. There, he flourished in art classes studying realism as well as more abstract, surrealist methods all under the tutelage of the camps talented teen counselors. These counselors, when not partaking of funny smelling cigarettes or engaging in heavy petting sessions with one another, saw the potential in young Karl and took him under their sweaty collective wing.

It was through this extra attention that Schneider learned about advanced shading techniques, color blending and saturation, as well as the importance of composition and perspective. He was learning so much and ALL he wanted to do was work on art! Other camp activities such as checking for ticks, competitive s’more making, and most tragically, swimming lessons, all fell by the wayside.

So, after mistakenly thinking her son drowned, Karl’s mother took it out on the counselors and their irresponsible horniness in a variety of ways including axes, machetes, and an arrow through the neck of a young Kevin Bacon. Her eventual beheading at the hands of the remaining counselor was thought to be the end but then Karl leapt out for the water for one last scare. This was about 12 years ago and he’s been tattooing ever since. Fin.