CAC 104-Edit-2My name is Makeba and I have been part of Cactus Tattoo since 2001. I have had the opportunity to do every job at this shop and I feel I know it inside and out. I started as a receptionist, then went on to become a licensed piercer, and soon after began managing the shop. In 2005 I started tattooing and a year after that I became the owner of Cactus. I have passed on my early roles to our highly trained, amazing staff and now focus my attentions on the roles of business owner and tattoo artist.

I have been making art most of my life. Being an artist was something I never really questioned; I simply saw it as my future. In college art was one of my majors and as a result I received a BFA, focusing on painting and sculpture. After college I was a bit unsure what my next step would be. I spent my days working at Cactus and became increasingly amazed as I watched people tattoo. The clean lines and bold colors intrigued me, I wanted to try it. I realized later how naive I was, it is not something you simply try.

However, I have not looked back, years later I am still amazed by what people can do on a human canvas. I love outlining, not a favorite for everyone, but something I truly enjoy. I am more than happy to do lettering and fine line, detailed tattoos. I also love the challenge of cover ups and large custom pieces. I am here to make my customers ideas become a reality.