Here is a list of recommendations to help you be properly prepared for your appointment.

  1. Bring a Valid Government Issued ID
  2. Be hydrated- Drink plenty of water before your appointment.
  3. Eat a solid meal –Eat plenty of food, especially if your appointment is more than 2 hours. If you haven’t eaten your blood sugar is more likely to become low and may increase the chance for lightheadedness.
  4. Be well rested-Getting tattooed can make you feel drained. No reason to start your appointment that way.
  5. Wear loose clothing- Do not wear clothing that you do not want to get dirty or full of ink. Also your tattoo will heal better if your clothing is not rubbing or irritating the area. And please wear clothing that makes it easy for the artist to access the area and be prepared to remove clothing if necessary.
  6. Relax- The more relaxed you can be about the situation the easier it will be. Besides it’s not as bad as your friend said it would be.
  7. Do not get sun burnt-We will not tattoo you if you are sun burnt. Trust us it would be much more painful and damaging for you and your skin.
  8. Do not drink alcohol or take illegal drugs at least 24 hours prior-It will be harder on you and the artist. Alcohol will make you dehydrated and you will bleed more, thus having a negative effect on your new tattoo.
  9. If you feel the need to bring a friend please do not bring more than one person because we do not have the space to accommodate more than that. We also can not guarantee they can sit with you for the duration of your tattoo.
  10. Do not shave the area-Let your artist shave for you. This will illuminate razor bumps.
  11. Please leave your cell phone at home. If need to have it on you – Silence it. Ringing phones are very distracting for the artists while they are working.


  1. While getting tattooed, if you start to feeling dizzy or lightheaded make sure to tell your artist immediately. It is best to just take a break when needed.
  2. Try to sit as still as possible. If you get stiff and need to change positions just let your artist know so you can do so. Also, if you feel a sneeze, cough or any other sudden movements coming PLEASE let your artist know in advance. Any sudden movements may cause problem without warning.
  3. Please trust our knowledge, information and recommendations when healing your tattoo before relying on your friend’s previous experiences and/or information. Knowing that your friends are intending to give you the best advice please understand that your friends might be misinformed and not have a complete understanding of tattoos, procedure, healing, etc.
  4. If you are allergic to anything on our consent form please put a check next to the allergy or write in the allergy if it is not there. Also, please VERBALLY inform your artist of all allergies especially those to: Bactine, red pigments/ink, latex, petroleum, antibiotic ointment, and isopropyl alcohol.